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Inveready invests €1M in Shapelets, the time-series data analysis platform in the Big Data landscape

The capital expansion will facilitate the distribution of technology, the launch of the platform to the market, and international expansion.


Inveready invests in Shapelets, one of the firs...


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Shapelets, The Time Series Analysis Platform You Need

Shapelets is a platform that hopes to help you as a data scientist. No, really. Time series analysis is becoming more and more important in the world of big data and data mining,, but without a tim...

The Future of Time-Series Data

“We must learn from the past to build a brighter future.” There are many famous quotes reiterating the idea that to create a better future, you must first dig into the past. With...

Introducing Shapelets

Two and a half years ago, Shapelets was started with the goal of creating the best piece of software to manage and analyze time-series data.

Like most companies dealing with time series, we consid...

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