25 Jul 2021

Within the last few years, we’ve taken a great deal of time and efforts to work with all different kinds of users to get a first-hand experience of the ways they interact with a product and how we can improve our product and get feedback from them. We’ve discussed with these users during the prototyping process of the Shapelets solution, and they’ve given us a lot of valuable feedbacks on how we can improve our product. The best learning experiences aren’t achieved only through the use of theory – we’ve also learnt a lot from observing the activities of our users and just listening to them. We are delighted to invite Shaamer and Xinyue to work here at Shapelets for the next weeks as our guests in our community, the new generation of entrepreneurs that will join Shapelets and Berkley university.  


We, with the support of the Global Career Center, selected two students from the prestigious Berkley University of USA to work with Shapelets for some weeks: Shaamer Kumar and Xinyue Liu, young international promises on their respective fields that will have hands-on experience here at Shapelets getting a sense of how a real start-up works.  


Working with students and faculty gives us access to potential product knowledge and feedback. Beyond the concept and idea that Shapelets presents, the team also includes experts in multiple fields, and this experience will contribute to the evolution of the Shapelets platform. We also hope to share knowledge and expertise with the students, who, in turn, can give valuable input to the product. Students who wish to contribute their experience and knowledge can request an invitation!  


The students  

We didn't have to look very far. Shaamer Kumar and Xinyue Liu are ideal for this opportunity: they are two exceptional Berkley University students who can offer experience and insights, and to be frank, they have got the smarts and attitude, they can easily slide right into a small start-up team.   


The Berkley University  

Berkeley is a private university established in 1970 in Berkeley, California, a suburb of San Francisco, USA. Located on the eastern foothills of the Berkeley Hills, it is the fourth-oldest liberal arts college in the United States, and currently enrolls a student body of nearly 6,000.