11 May 2021

Visualizing data is not only useful for data scientists, but also for being able to communicate project results to the right stakeholders (and part of the future for data science software). Besides helping to make better decisions and convey results, seeing visualized data helps to break problems into smaller, more manageable pieces.  

That's why we bring you the 5 best visualizations for data science, so that together with Shapelets' data apps tool, which helps you make them possible in near real time, you can succeed in your visualization projects.  




Get to grips with where the problem lies with heatmaps. Not only applicable to geographic maps, but also to data series that can help you identify the hotspots of a progression. They are also very visual and help to better convey the urgency or the points where action is needed.  





You are probably familiar with the classic 2D plots with only two axes for your best visualization for data science. However, they often fall short when it comes to finding relationships between multiple variables.  Take the leap to 3D with impressive results and a more interactive environment that will give new life to your plots.  








A must-have visualization tool for time series data, identifying events that overlap in time and may influence each other. Traditionally used for variables such as seismic activity and other natural phenomena. They can be applied in any context that requires it.  







Terribly misused and terribly underused. A tool that seems to come from the past can help us quantify qualitative data, such as feelings about a brand or satisfaction with a product. While not helpful in all analysises, it is a powerful shock tool to get your point across to all stakeholders and get them pn your same point of view. One on the best visualizations for data science and one of the less used!  








A matrix displays the relationships between hundreds or thousands of data points to better understand their relationship at a glance. Use it to analyze the relationships between a multitude of variables and get a better analysis of the available data without feeling overwhelmed. 




We hope this examples of the best visualizations for data science can inspire you to get your best work done! 

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