12 Abr 2021

The capital expansion will facilitate the distribution of technology, the launch of the platform to the market, and international expansion.


Inveready invests in Shapelets, one of the first time-series analysis platforms in the Big Data landscape. The solution has a multisectoral approach, providing value in any data-driven business environment such as the energy, healthcare, industry 4.0., IoT or financial sector. The product has been developed using novel AI algorithms, originating from academia and research, and provides analysis and modeling tools for Data Scientists with the aim of improving information for decision making in the business areas of companies.

The platform is unique to the market, capable of processing and modeling large volumes of time-series data and viewing it quickly and intuitively, extracting information relevant to the different departments of companies in real time. All of this is done with much more optimal resource consumption than other current techniques. The platform therefore reduces implementation costs and accelerates the adoption of advanced analysis techniques. The solution can be used in the company's infrastructure as well as a cloud model.

"This agreement with Inveready is going to help us take Shapelets to the next level, where we will make Shapelets a globally recognized and well-known product, a fundamental piece of the architecture of companies that support their business in data," says Founder Justo Ruiz Ferrer. Justo has extensive experience in the financial field, specifically in the area of Quants in investment banking, and has also been a CTO in leading companies in the technological landscape. Justo founded this innovative company from Malaga in 2018.

With this capital expansion, Shapelets aims to address the product launch phase in the global market and continue to expand the platform's capabilities. "The extraordinary growth of the integration of artificial intelligence capabilities into a multitude of business processes has created the need for platforms such as Shapelets that facilitate the process of curating, understanding, and representing data. We are delighted that Inveready can help strengthen this important innovation ecosystem. We are convinced that Shapelets will become one of its pillars", says Ignacio Fonts, Managing Partner at Inveready.

The operation has been supported professionally by the law firms Lexcrea, on behalf of Inveready, and Mora & Jordano, on behalf of Shapelets.


About us:

Shapelets, based in Malaga, is a tech company focused on the construction and development of the platform. Founded in 2018, Shapelets has an experienced team of professionals in charge of development, data analysis, and advanced visualization systems. Shapelets' management team consists of  Justo Ruiz Ferrer as the CEO,  Joaquín De Lapatza  as the COO, responsible for strategy and  business development,  and  Jorge Aguilar  as the CMO. To address this new stage of growth, Shapelets is strengthening all technical areas with the addition of the best professionals in the sector. Shapelets has also been included in the prestigious research and innovation program, Horizon 2020, and Horizon Europe from the European Union.


About Inveready:

Inveready Asset Management, based in San Sebastian, is one of the leading Venture Capital Managers in Spain. Currently, it invests in start-up technology companies through four specialized verticals (Information Technologies, Life Sciences, Venture Debt, and Hybrid Financing - debt and capital - for listed companies). Inveready has 136 active companies within its portfolio and more than 400 million assets under management. For the past 11 years the manager has completed successful divestments in more than 36 companies, Playgiga and Más Móvil being the latest. Other companies in the portfolio have been acquired by multinationals such as Intel, Symantec and Red Hat (IBM), and others listed in public markets, such as the NASDAQ or MAB. Making the ambitions of bold entrepreneurs possible has become part of our DNA. Inveready is proud to have received several awards, highlighting ASCRI's awards for the best venture capital manager in Spain, the best venture capital operation, and the best debt transaction.