Shapelets Cristal UI enables analyst and decision-makers to visualize time-series data in an easy, intuitive and interactive way to take intelligent actions


Our Business Intelligence interface quickly visualizes huge amounts of data and allows you to filter, zoom, manipulate, and run analysis on it without writing any SQL statements or forcing you to reduce the size of your data sets.

Time series is an inherently visual domain. Our Cristal UI treats time series data as first-class-citizen providing the dashboards and tools needed to gain unprecedented insights.

Explore Sequences

With the Cristal UI users can drag & drop sequences of data to zoom in and out in realtime. All operations in a dashboard are executed in realtime, automatically adjusting the number of points displayed on the UI without having to aggregate or eliminate data. Users can move across series and interact with them as charts synchronise during the exploration.

Exploring sequences


Make the best of your metadata with all the different filters available in the Cristal UI. Click on any dimension in a chart or graph and the Cristal UI immediately filters and re-renders all other visualizations in a dashboard to reflect the new context.

Exploring sequences


The Cristal UI empowers users to geo-locate metadata in an interactive way. Unleash million of possibilities with geographic datatypes, refresh it immediately to show data filtered by that geographic context.

Filter sequences with map

Empower your Data Science team and make the best of accelerated time-series data analytics


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