What data formats are currently supported by Shapelets?

Shapelets currently supports the following file formats:

  • Parquet

  • Arrow/Feather

  • CSV

You can also convert to and from Pandas DataFrames.

I have a Mac, can I use shapelets?

Shapelets is currently only available for Windows and Linux, however, you can use our docker container for other operating systems (all the instructions are in the installation guide)

What IDEs can I use to work with Shapelets?

There are no limitations with regards to the IDEs you can use. You will basically be coding in python, so there are plenty of IDEs you can use, including Jupyter Notebooks.

Where can I find code examples?

We have several examples and use cases showcasing the use of Shapelets that you can find examples in our demo repository.

Can I use third-party libraries?

Shapelets has no limitations in terms of compatibility with third-party libraries. For building professional visualizations in Data Apps, our widgets can actually integrate charts and maps generated with Matplotlib, Altair and Folium. You can find examples in our demo repository.

How do I execute queries on the data?

Shapelets provides an intuitive API based on python list comprehensions which you can use to query the data. We also support traditional SQL queries. You can find examples in our demo repository.

What are Shapelets Data Apps and how can I create one?

Data Apps are professional, interactive, shareable web applications that can be used to visualize and interact with data. Shapelets provides an intuitive API that helps you to create these Data Apps by composing a variety of visual components or widgets in various layouts and obtain professional results with few lines of code.

What are the requirements to use Shapelets?

The only requirement for the installation of Shapelets is that you have a working (3.7 and up) version of Python in your system.


I cannot use Shapelets with the latest version of Python.

If you are using a bleeding-edge version of Python, you might experience installation or runtime issues. As we do our best to guarantee compatibility with the latest versions of Python, it might require some time until we fully support every new release. If possible, we recommend using mature, stable versions of Python.

I cannot install Shapelets. I get an error during the installation complaining about a file called “Python.h”.

In linux-based systems and for some versions of the product, you might need to install the linux package python3-dev to install Shapelets.