Industry Smart Mobility

Sensor analytics and demand forecasting for precise decisions


Smart Mobility is a key future market and is already being embraced by many businesses. To create huge economic benefits and protect people’ safety, significant research and development efforts are needed, in particular, to prevent attacks on vehicles and transport infrastructure, ensure the integration of new technologies, bottling the growing volumes of mobile data and ensuring the effective implementation of the rapidly growing self-driving car paradigm.


Data Science helps boost innovative transportation technologies and services that benefit citizens, business, and the logistics industry.

Shapelets to the rescue

Shapelets provides data science solutions addressing the advances and challenges of connected mobility. In this way, we help businesses create efficient transportation systems and communication networks.


In addition, data science is helping to accelerate the development of automated vehicle technologies and sensors that can improve safety and reduce emissions.

How does Shapelets help?

Unlocking the power of the Smart Mobility industry.

A data-driven approach

The data-driven approach enables transportation providers to better understand their customers and improve efficiency based on robust data sets.

Boosting innovative transportation technologies

Data science can also be employed to provide insights into traffic patterns and congestion, and optimize delivery routes.

Providing the right insights

As more businesses turn to data science to inform business decisions, transportation is poised to become more efficient and accessible than ever before.