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Are you a data scientist or a dedicated data visualization user, seeking to enhance your data analytics prowess?
Shapelets Platform offers a game-changing solution tailored to your needs. Need proof? See below!


Key Benefits

It works like magic, for real

Faster loading and querying files

Datapoints plotting

Lines of code to build a data app

Seamless integration

Merge visualizations from other libraries such as matplotlib, altair, and folum effortlessly. Now, you can work better than ever.

Rapid prototyping

Streamline your development process and create data applications with ease. Rapid and efficient, ready to be challenged.

Bulletproof security

Safety is built in. Quickly deploy reports with a security system already implemented by Shapelets, so you can now operate more efficiently.

Offload infrastructure concerns

Focus on your analytics solutions without worrying about platform development and infrastructure management.

Collaborative magic

Data scientists and professionals can instantly share their visualizations with business users. Seamless collaboration and quick validation.


Work with Python, as simple as that. Secure, reliable, and versatile platfrom for internal or client-facing applications.

Handle Big Data like a king

Our visual components effortlessly processes millions of data points in time series – an goal no other library can match.

Versatile & Powerful

Accelerate processes, reduce operational costs, and conquer the challenges of handling large data files, slow queries, and massive data visualization.


who is this for?

Our Customers

If you’re already familiar with Power BI, you’ll find Shapelets Platform to be a complementary solution, offering specialized capabilities for time series analysis. Shapelest can seamlessly integrate with your existing workflow, enhancing your data analysis toolkit.
Moreover, as this is a specialized time series analysis tool it empowers data scientists and professionals to explore, visualize, and analyze data with precision. Simplify complex processes, enhance your efficiency and productivity.

Power BI users and Data Scientists

If your business deals with data-heavy tasks, such as handling large data files, executing slow queries, or visualizing massive data sets, Shapelets Platform can optimize your processes, reducing operational costs and enhancing performance.
However, if you’re a company taht lack front-end development teams, this is your solution for creating applications with ease. Our platform ensures you can deliver secure, reliable data apps and solutions to your clients. It accelerates your development process without compromising quality.

Data-Intensive operations and companies.

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What is Shapelets Platform?

Shapelets Platform is a specialized data analysis and visualization tool tailored for time series data. It empowers users, such as data scientists, Power BI enthusiasts, and developers, to efficiently explore, transform, and visualize their data apps with a focus on time series.

How does Shapelets compare with other solutions?

While, for example, Power BI is a versatile tool for data analysis, Shapelets Platform specialized in time series data analysis, offering unique capabilities and integrations. Shapelets Platform can complement and empower other tools functionalities for users who require advanced analysis.

Who benefits the most from Shapelets Platform?

Shapelets Platform is ideal for data scientists, Power BI users, web developers, and businesses with data-intensive operations. It simplifies the data analysis process, accelerates development, and optimizes data-intensive tasks.


Do I need a dedicated front-end development team to use Shapelets Platform?

No, Shapelets is user-friendly and allows businesses without dedicated front-end development teams to create secure, reliable web applications and digital products effortlessly.


Can I try Shapelets Platform for free?

Yes, you can! Shapelets offers a free license that allows you to experience the platform’s capabilities without any cost or commitment. Request your free pilot today to explore the advantages of Shapelets Platform.


For further questions, contact us at hello@shapelets.io

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