Everything you need to know about our platform


Our mission at Shapelets is to help data professionals and business users understand data on the go and to become the best analysis platform on the market. Shapelets’ training page teaches data scientists how to use the Shapelets platform and how it can be applied to any business, regardless of the industry sector.

These video pills will assist you in honing your skills and working more effectively with our platform. It’s simple to get started and broad your career horizons.


1. Shapelets Installation

This video shows how to easily install Shapelets in a few seconds.



2. Docker Installation

If needed, you can also install Shapelets via Docker.


3. Loading a Dataset

This training pill shows you how to load a dataset in the Shapelets platform. Regardless of the volume of the dataset or the data source, Shapelets easily integrates the data within the platform.