DataApp.line_chart(data: Optional[Union[List[int], List[float], List[str], ndarray, DataFrame]] = None, title: Optional[str] = None, views: List[View] = [], temporal_context: Optional[TemporalContext] = None, filtering_context: Optional[FilteringContext] = None, multi_line_chart: bool = True, multi_lane: Optional[bool] = True, **additional) LineChartWidget#

Creates a Line Chart figure. It represents either a Sequence or X and Y axis. param data: data to be represented. param title: String with the Line Chart title. It will be placed on top of the Line Chart. param views: Views to be represented inside the Line Chart. param temporal_context: Temporal Context which the Line Chart is attached to. param filtering_context: Filtering Context which the Line Chart is attached to. param multi_line_chart: Try to plot multiple lines. (default True) multi_lane: Plot one chart per lane. (default True) return LineChart