DataApp.selector(options: Optional[List[Union[int, float, str]]] = None, title: Optional[str] = None, placeholder: Optional[str] = None, default: Optional[Union[str, int, float]] = None, allow_multi_selection: Optional[bool] = None, width: Optional[Union[int, float]] = None, **additional) SelectorWidget#

Creates a dropdown menu for displaying multiple choices.

optionsint, float, str or any, optional

A list of items to be chosen.

titlestr, optional

String with the Selector title. It will be placed on top of the Selector.

placeholderstr, optional

Text showed inside the Selector by default.

defaultstr, int, float or list, optional

Default value.

allow_multi_selectionbool, optional

Allows selecting multiple values.

widthint or float, optional

width of the selector. It represents a percentage value.



>>> selector = app.selector(title="My Selector", options=['a','b','c']) 

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