DataApp.tabs_layout(title: str = None, **additional) TabsLayoutWidget#

Defines a Tabs Layout, a layout that provides a horizontal layout to display tabs.

titlestr, optional

String with the Panel title. It will be placed on top of the Panel.



>>> # Create two vertical layouts
>>> vf = app.vertical_layout()
>>> vf2 = app.vertical_layout()
>>> # Create a tabs layout
>>> tabs_fp = app.tabs_layout("My tabs layout")
>>> # Create two tabs and add a vertical layout in each of them
>>> tabs_fp.add_tab("Tab 1", vf)
>>> tabs_fp.add_tab("Tab 2", vf2)

Bind compatibility

You can bind this widget with this:

Bindable as

You can bind this widget as:

Currently this widget cannot be used as input in a binding function.