DataApp.text_input(title: Optional[str] = None, value: Optional[Union[str, int, float]] = None, placeholder: Optional[str] = None, multiline: Optional[bool] = None, text_style: Optional[dict] = None, toolbar: Optional[bool] = None, markdown: Optional[bool] = None, width: Optional[Union[int, float]] = None, **additional)#

A basic widget for getting the user input as a text field.

titlestr, optional

String with the widget title. It will be placed on top of the widget box.

valuestr, int or float, optional

Default value.

placeholderstr, optional

Text showed inside the widget by default.

multilinebool, optional

Show text in multiline.

text_styledict, optional

Dict to customize text: font size, font type y font style.

toolbarbool, optional

Show toolbar on top of the widget.

widthint or float, optional

width of the text input. It represents a percentage value.

markdownbool, optional

Flag to indicate if markdown format in in input text.

Text Input.


>>> text_input = app.text_input()
>>> text_input = app.text_input(title="Find object",placeholder="Write here", markdown=True)

Bind compatibility

You can bind this widget with this:

Bindable as

You can bind this widget as:

  • str

  • int