DataApp.timer(title: str = None, every: Union[int, float] = None, start_delay: int = None, times: int = None, hidden: bool = False, start_on_init: bool = False, unit: Optional[Literal['s', 'ms']] = 's', **additional) TimerWidget#

Creates a Timer for your dataApp.

titlestr, optional

String with the Timer title. It will be placed on top of the Timer.

everyint or float, optional

Defines how often the Timer is executed in seconds | milliseconds.

start_delayint, optional

Defines a start delay for the Timer.

timesint, optional

Defines the amount of cycles the Timer is repeated.

hiddenbool, optional

Should the timer be hidden?

start_on_initbool, optional

Should the timer start on init

unitstr ‘s’ or ‘ms’, optional

Defines the unit of timer secods or millisencods



>>> timer = app.timer(title="Timer", every=1.0, times=10)