Time Series are everywhere and we are building a new kind of software that empowers people to make better decisions with time series data

What we do

We engineer

Engineering is an art. We love to explore, research and create new things.

We break things

Mistakes are the portals of discovery. We make a lot of mistakes.

We hustle

We do and mistake fast. Then we fix it and mistake again to fix it and over and over again.

We enjoy

We love what we do and have fun doing it. We work, we play.

We get grumpy

We are humans and sometimes we get up on the wrong side of the bed.

We troll

Our sense of humour is peculiar. We love trolling till death.

Meet Our team

A group os passionate people with a grumpy heart

Justo has spent 15 years making sense of time-series data. A long experience in the IT & financial sector, holding a CTO position in a software company, senior front office and risk positions in Hedge Funds and Investment Banks as a Computer Scientist in areas like FX, Rates and Credit. He took also part in the High Performance Advisory Board from Microsoft. Do not disturb him while he is coding, he might be grumpy or just concentrated.

× Justo Ruiz

Justo Ruiz

Founder - CTO

Luis has more than 12 years experience working for multinationals, public administrations and start-ups. He’s got an insatiable need to try and create disruptive new projects. He is one of the main organisers of J On The Beach conference and Digital Marketing Malaga Meetup. Luis holds BSc and MA Degree in Law, Business Administration and International marketing. He keeps things working in the office while feeding the Grumpy Cat.

× Luis Sanchez

Joaquín aka "The hunter" has an extensive career in senior positions in financial and technology industries across Europe. His experience in banks such as RBS or Santander, focused on optimising data utilisation and obtaining business value.​ He is currently based in Madrid and travels regularly to our home office in sunny Malaga.​ Be well prepared when shaking hands or he will crack your knuckles.

× Joaquin de Lapatza
Business development Partner

Antonio is one of the core software engineers at Shapelets, holding BSc and MSc in Computer Sciences from the University of Malaga. He is a software performance gangster, thus he went further and pursued a Ph.D. in Parallel Computing, where he developed parallel patterns for CPU-GPU systems. Antonio is the lead team developer of the company, always keen to share his knowledge and help others with their stuff.

× Antonio Vilches, Ph.D.
Software Engineer

The son of Conan and a Gipsy palm reader, Jesús’ ability to read the future of code goes beyond the limits of logic and absurdity. He holds a Bachelors degree in Telecommunication Engineer within the University of Granada where he spent hard nights eating sesos and criadillas. He enjoys hunting birds, pipirranas and olive oil from Porcuna.

× Jesús Recuerda
Software Engineer

Jose is a football freestyler and a chicken eater from the nowhere lands of Churriana. He holds a Bachelors degree in Software Engineer within the University of Malaga. He enjoys being a regular man, with regular tastes and regular skills.

× Jose Sánchez
Software Engineer

Born and raised in the ghetto of the Light, he was quickly named "cabetsa" (big head) for his brain capacity and ability to head-butt brats. He holds a Masters in Telecommunication Engineering within the University of Malaga and a Malaga CF season ticket. He is addicted to Coca-cola and modern C++, being famous for creating the "Cocacolatso time pattern".

× Raul Bocanegra
Software Engineer
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Sergey Bykov

Sergey Bykov

Principal Software Engineer Lead at Microsoft


Emil Eifrem

CEO and Co-founder of Neo4J

Philip Brisk

Philip Brisk

Professor at University of California, Riverside

Dave Herman

Dr. Dave Herman

Director of Data Analytics and Data Science at Bird