We are building a new kind of software that empowers people to make better decisions with time series data

Our Mission

Who are we?

Shapelets is here to disrupt the Big Data analysis ecosystem. Starting with a groundbreaking time series analysis platform and with the ambition to develop even further, here at Shapelets we are proud to have fun, be bold, and engineer a better future for data scientists all over the world. We like to conduct ourselves with an open-source philosophy.

Our ultimate goal is to become the best time-series analysis platform on the market. We proud ourselves in offering a comprehensive, flexible and open environment to manage the behavior in data on the move with academically produced groundbreaking algorithms, state of the art software, and cutting-edge data apps (a powerful data visualization tool that empowers data scientists to communicate their findings to all their organization’s stakeholders).

The innovation of Shapelets is based on being a solution with an open-source part, focused on the processing and analysis of time-series data, integrable with any type of storage platform, which automates machine learning functions through machine learning algorithms and where all algorithms are optimized for the available resources (CPU-GPU-Multicore).

We won’t rest until we are the go-to environment for each data scientist who wants to model and understand time-series data.

Our values

We are nothing without a guiding set of values. We believe in a community-first approach to our users, and since we want to be open to everyone, we are set in offering a forever-free solution to empower everybody. As engineers we like self-delivery and instead of a top-down approach, we like a forum-like structure where users can solve their own problems with the help of the community. The power to choose is sometimes hindered in these times, so we feel like bringing the power back to the user is a necessity.

Our team

A company is nothing without a team and we knew from the start that unless we have the best in each field, we wouldn’t success. So, we enlisted some of the best technical people we could find, as well as benefited from our advisors, a team of remarkable people in different fields that guide our goals and help us make better decisions. Our team is diverse, remote and very motivated. We wouldn’t be here without them!

We encourage them to break things, enjoy things, and hustle to the maximum!

In summary, Shapelets is here to help people understand the data (and the world) on the move and become the best time series analysis platform on the market, offering a comprehensive, flexible and open environment to manage Big Data.


Engineering is an art. We love to explore, research and create new things.


Mistakes are the portals of discovery. We make a lot of mistakes.


We do and mistake fast. Then we fix it and mistake again to fix it and over and over again.


We love what we do and have fun doing it. We work, we play.


We are humans and sometimes we get up on the wrong side of the bed.


Our sense of humour is peculiar. We love trolling till death.


What we do

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Technical board

Sergey Bykov

Sergey Bykov

Principal Software Engineer at Temporal.io

Emil Eifrem

Emil Eifrem

CEO and Co-founder of Neo4J

Philip Brisk

Philip Brisk

Professor at University of California, Riverside

Dave Herman

Dave Herman

Founder at NKP.ai


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