How to use artificial intelligence

on eComerce to boost sales

Fátima Ramos

13 June 2021 | 5 minutes

Ecommerce companies are using AI and data science to boost their sales campaigns

Artificial Intelligence is getting accepted among society and applied daily in the business field. In fact, eCommerce companies are using AI to boost their sales campaigns. A good example of this application is the last Christmas campaign.


How to use Artificial Intelligence

According to data collected by the European Parliament, 68% of citizens are in favor of the use of Artificial Intelligence. This high percentage reflects the popularity and acceptance of this technology in society.

In Shapelets, we always say that almost without realizing it, Artificial Intelligence has become part of the daily life of citizens and we can find its application in different areas such as automotive, cybersecurity, or traces associated with covid. Therefore, it is not surprising that it has become one of the best-known innovative technologies.

Nevertheless, this technological disruption is becoming key, especially in the field of business and sales. In fact, among other things, Artificial Intelligence helps companies develop new products and services that allow streamlining and optimizing sales routes, increase production and quality, and save energy.

Consequently, as we have just witnessed how brands prepared for the 2021 Christmas campaign, we bring to you some of the main advantages of Artificial Intelligence for online businesses to succeed in future sales campaigns:

Product recommendations improvement

Thanks to the enormous volume of data collected by electronic businesses, they can apply Artificial Intelligence to make better predictions about user behavior and improve product and service recommendations, based on the user’s consumption history. Thus, the use of machine learning technology improves eCommerce recommendation engines, helping you boost sales through personalization.

Search engine optimization

On average, 1 out of every 2 purchases is derived from the internal search process in eCommerce. A satisfying search experience for customers is critical to increasing sales. This user experience facilitates Artificial Intelligence, since it allows, quickly and easily, to offer added value to consumers in relation to the products they are looking for, anticipating and optimizing the process.


The help assistants, based on Artificial Intelligence, already solve many of the queries, problems, and/or doubts customers have. This technology is added to the “chat” channel, and it manages to improve user service, increase sales and consolidate the company’s image. Furthermore, it also helps online businesses discover common customer issues and even provides information about what causes these problems to users.

Personalization of communications

Artificial Intelligence can analyze data and extract behavioral patterns in a short time, thus helping to create more precise profiling of customers, relate them to the products they are most likely to buy, and show the most relevant content for users. Therefore, eCommerce can personalize communications, such as the emails they send to their customers to remind them that they have not completed a purchase, recommend new products that fit their usual consumption, or send them personalized offers related to their profile.

Process automation

Artificial Intelligence allows eCommerce to automate work processes and tasks, which optimizes business performance. In addition, this reduces the employees’ workload so that their skills are used in tasks of greater value, which helps reduce team stress, improve the work environment, and increase their productivity.

Function execution

Shapelets can gather all the information needed and executive functions that can be executed with different arguments by serializing the function and starting the system. This allows the data scientist to use customized functions for different situations without having to code again.

Fátima Ramos

Fátima Ramos

Digital Marketing Specialist

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