Develop Data Science

Projects in 10 Minutes

Agile productivity solutions deliver substantial time savings.

June 2023  | 8 Minutes

Develop Data Science Projects in 10 Minutes

“I’m very frustrated when building data science projects”

“It will take a few weeks to develop the whole solution”

Does it ring a bell?

Imagine being able to turn your ideas into reality in less than 10 minutes, without weeks of work.

Imagine being the star at your company, helping your business grow more efficiently and faster.

Imagine saving 40% of the whole production time.

This is what Shapelets solution is about.

Your Challenge

Bringing a project into production quickly and efficiently (effortlessly).

Your Solution

Simplifying and accelerating the entire process. Focusing on finding solutions without worrying about other factos (such as complex interfaces, data ingestion, or programming).

Let’s explore the Solution:

Shapelets methodology streamlines the data handling and data science workflow, enabling data scientists to achieve these remarkable efficiency gains during the process:

Data handling: extract, clean, and process data faster. Imagine executing a query in… 0,5 seconds!

• Eliminate the need for storage costs with real-time data processing, so fewer costs.

• Effortlessly Prototype development with pre-built tools and functionalities.

• User system simplification with built-in login and permission features. Easy sharing with all your stakeholders.

• Eliminate the need to prepare a production environment setup (already done!)

• Great data security measures: enhance security with built-in measures to protect sensitive data. Everything under control.

• Application deployment to production seamlessly by running a script. As easy as that.

• Simplify maintenance and version control. Need to review? No problem.

Your results:

Agile productivity solutions deliver substantial time savings. By using Shapelets, you can reclaim hours of work and achieve quick, effective solutions. Traditional approaches would take days or even weeks, but with this solution, you can have your entire interface ready in less than 15 minutes.

Yes, about 40% less production time.


Would you like to test a Real-World Example?

Here’s a gift for you: a free Ebook with a real test.

Take this practical example to see how Shapelets can save you time and effort. We’ll explore a project for predicting customer energy consumption, showcasing the speed and ease of the Shapelets solution platform.

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Fátima Ramos

Fátima Ramos

Digital Marketing Manager

Fátima is our Digital Marketing Specialist. Her role at Shapelets is to plan and execute digital marketing strategies and content to creatively develop and optimize our business on different platforms. She specializes in SEO, eCommerce and digital content.

She has worked on projects for several Spanish and international companies in different sectors such as finance, automotive, energy and consumption. Fátima originally received her Bachelor’s Degree in Applied Management at the University of Navarra and has a Master Degree in Digital Marketing from ESIC Business & Marketing School.