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Sensor analytics and demand forecasting for precise decisions


Automotive sensor analytics and demand forecasting are the key areas to ensure competitive success of a car manufacturer.


Car manufacturers and their suppliers need to make precise decisions in order to improve their products and ensure profitability. One way of achieving this is through automotive sensor analytics.

Shapelets to the rescue

With the help of connected sensors, car manufacturers can analyse data from a range of sources, including vehicle diagnostics, weather services, road conditions and even social media. Shapelets can use this information to obtain the right insights to inform demand forecasting and production planning.


By combining data from a variety of sources, it’s possible to make more precise decisions that lead to better quality products and improved profitability.

How does Shapelets help?

Driving growth and profitability for the Automotive sector.

Optimizing demand forecasting

By analyzing traffic flows and other indicators, it is possible to predict the demand for spare parts and make timely deliveries to service stations.

Fuel efficiency

Sensors can monitor engine temperature and oil pressure to optimize performance and improve fuel efficiency.

Optimizing Plant Performance

In recent years, power system engineers have used static algorithms and models rather than real-time solutions. Many energy and utility companies are now upgrading their systems to improve detection and prediction of outages.