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Risk detection and customer churn prediction for improved customer experience.


There are many ways that a company can predict customer churn. One of the best and more accurate methods is to use machine learning and AI to analyze customer behavior patterns and identify those who may be at risk of churning. This could provide a realistic pricture of their customers.


Thanks to data, companies can get a realistic picture of their customers and then create targeted offers and tailored experiences for each customer segment. Which can help to retain existing customers.

Shapelets to the rescue

Being able to detect customer risk early on can help you reduce customer churn and improve your customer experience. By monitoring your customers’ online behavior and identifying trends, you can identify when a customer is at risk of churning.


By detecting this risk early on, you can reach out to the customer and offer them an incentive to stay with your company. This strategy can help you prevent customer churn and improve customer retention.

How does Shapelets help?

Transform financial data management with forecasting and analytics solutions.

Improving churn prediction

When customers churn, it is costly for your business. Many factors go into churn and it is difficult to predict. However, one way to reduce this risk is to improve the customer experience and take preemptive action to prevent customers from leaving.

Providing accurate data insights

With Shapelets, you will perform accelerated big data analytics to detect risk and predict customer churn. This helps businesses proactively address customer needs and issues before they lead to churn.

Increasing customer loyalty

Shapelets also allows businesses to take a more personalized approach to customer interactions, which can improve the customer experience and increase loyalty.