Industry Telecommunications

Predictive maintenance and customer support for decreased customer churn rate


If we apply data science on the Telecommunications industry, it can enable businesses to predict maintenance and customer issues so they can be resolved before they happen. This reduces downtime, saves money, and improves customer satisfaction.


Data science can also help with customer support by seamlessly integrating chatbots that can answer basic questions and provide product recommendations, which reduces the time it takes to respond to customer inquiries by human customer service agents.

Shapelets to the rescue

Shapelets can help businesses drive down the customer churn rate as customers are happier with their experience and are more likely to return to buy again.


By identifying the root causes of common problems, data science can be used to improve customer support and reduce customer churn rate.

How does Shapelets help?

Advanced data analytics and preventive maintenance solutions for the Telecommunications sector.

Improving predictive maintenance

By collecting and analyzing data, businesses can gain insights into their customers and the operations of their business. This has the potential to lead to increased revenue, decreased costs, and improved efficiency.

Analytics solutions for predictive maintenance

As the number of connected devices grows, the ability to predict malfunctions and other issues before they occur is increasingly important. Because data science algorithms can help predict when a device is likely to malfunction, companies can take steps to prevent issues from occurring.

Customer support optimization by Shapelets

Data science algorithms could be used to predict when a customer’s product is likely to break, allowing a company to send an alert to the customer before the product arrives.