class shapelets.apps.DataApp(name: str, description: Optional[str] = None, version: Optional[Version] = None, tags: List[str] = [], main_panel: Optional[PanelWidget] = None)#

Entry point for data app registration.


altair_chart([title, chart])

Creates an Vega-Altair chart: a declarative statistical visualization library for Python (


Creates a button.

checkbox([title, checked, toggle])

Creates a Checkbox.

datetime_range_selector([title, ...])

Creates a box that allows the user input as date range.

datetime_selector([title, date_time, ...])

Creates a box that allows the user input as date.

filtering_context([name, input_filter, ...])

Defines a filtering context for your dataApp.

folium_chart([title, folium])

Creates a Folium map: a declarative statistical visualization library for Python (

horizontal_layout([title, panel_id, ...])

Defines a layout where widgets are arranged side by side horizontally.

image([img, caption, placeholder])

Adds a placeholder for a Image on a DataApp.

line_chart([data, title, views, ...])

Creates a Line Chart figure.

number_input([title, value, default_value, ...])

A basic widget for getting the user input as a number field.

place(widget, *args, **kwargs)

Places a widget into the dataApp.

progress([value, title, type, size, status, ...])


radio_group([options, title, label_by, ...])

Creates a radio button group for displaying multiple choices and allows to select one value out of a set.


Registers the DataApp.

selector([options, title, placeholder, ...])

Creates a dropdown menu for displaying multiple choices.


Sets the DataApp's title.

slider([title, value, min_value, max_value, ...])

Creates a slider that lets a user pick a value from a set range by moving a knob.

table([data, rows_per_page, tools_visible])

Displays rows of data.


Defines a Tabs Layout, a layout that provides a horizontal layout to display tabs.

temporal_context([name, widgets, context_id])

Defines a temporal context for your dataApp.

text([value, title, text_style, markdown])

Creates a Label.

text_input([title, value, placeholder, ...])

A basic widget for getting the user input as a text field.

timer([title, every, start_delay, times, ...])

Creates a Timer for your dataApp.


Shows your dataApp specification in JSON format.

vertical_layout([title, panel_id, ...])

Creates a layout that holds widget inside it vertically (stacked on-top of one another).